SKY HIGH OPPORTUNITIES: OEM Group Acquires Aviation Ground Support Equipment Specialists AMS GSE.

SKY HIGH OPPORTUNITIES: OEM Group Acquires Aviation Ground Support Equipment Specialists AMS GSE.

Perth industrial fabricators and manufacturers OEM Group has recently finalised a bold expansion, acquiring a global supplier of ground support equipment formerly based in Tasmania.


With offices in Perth and Karratha, OEM Group supplies the agricultural, commercial, defence, government, industrial, marine, mining, oil & gas, transport and aviation sectors with a wide range of manufactured products and services that includes high pressure cleaners, industrial vacuums and heaters. It also supplies industrial equipment like safety access work platforms, safety jacking stands and other engineered custom solutions that have been fabricated to a clients’ specifications. 


STEPRITE® Safety Access Platform Ladders - Animated Explainer Video

OEM Group is the proud manufacturer and global distributor of STEPRITE® Work Platform Ladders. Available in Standard or Mine Spec Models.


Designed to eliminate fall hazards and manufactured to comply with all your occupational health and safety requirements. STEPRITE® Safety Access Platform Ladders are suited for even the toughest of sites and conditions.

JETFIRE DC30 Direct Fired Diesel Space Heater in Warehouse

Warehouse & Workshop Heaters

Heating warehouses and workshops can be a challenge due to the vast amounts of space and the openings to the outside. JETFIRE tackles this challenge with its range of powerful, reliable direct and indirect fired, diesel space heaters. Each heater designed to be as safe and reliable as possible offering the perfect solution for a busy work area, set it going and it does the rest.

high pressure cleaning a tractor

Hire vs. Buy : 10 reasons to hire a pressure cleaner

There are many of reasons for a business to hire a commercial pressure cleaner instead of buying upfront. These can be economical, environmental or for safety reasons. 


In this guide, we have put together 10 reasons to hire a pressure cleaner instead of buying.

frontage of OEM Group Pilbara showroom

OEM Group’s new location in the Pilbara

On Monday, 16 November, OEM Group will be opening their newest showroom at 50 Gap Ridge, Karratha. The modern 1,500 sqm facility is intended to further expand and develop OEM Group’s presence in the Pilbara. 

Business Development Manager, Ryan de Mol says “We are excited to have a base set up in the Pilbara to introduce our capacity for pressure cleaner hire & servicing, onsite asset management & onsite repairs, and custom design fabrication within Western Australia. OEM Group’s awakening in the Pilbara is massive step forward and shows we are here for the long term to support our local partners.”

jetfire space heaters in a greenhouse

How to Choose an Efficient Portable Heater for your Space

Winter is fast approaching, with temperatures dropping in the last few weeks. Whether you are wanting to provide comfortable working environment for your employees or to provide heat to dry and cure materials, it is worth the investment into an industrial or commercial space heater to supply an instant, effective and reliable source of heat.


In this guide, we go over the different types of space heaters, what fuel they use, the type of heat they produce, and how these factors determine the most appropriate heater for your space.

man using foamer to clean front of truck

How to Pressure Clean with Foam

Cleaning with foam is an important and effective cleaning method for cleaning your fleet. Using foaming chemicals when pressure cleaning can save you time and money. 


In this guide, we go over everything you will need to get started with foam cleaning: why foam cleaning is important, how to choose the best bottle and chemicals for the job, and how to apply the foam.

man using hydrofogger to clean

Disinfect with SPITWATER's Hydro Fogger

We are proud to introduce SPITWATER's latest innovation for disinfecting and sanitisation, the Hydro Fogger.


The Hydro Fogger is a 12" high pressure hand held accessory, specifically designed to be fitted as the front lance to the spray gun of an existing hot or cold pressure washer.

Pressure cleaning a truck with a Spitwater pressure cleaner in the red dirt

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pressure Washer

Are you in need of a pressure washer, but not sure where to start?


We have put together this guide to assist you in making your way through all the technical information associated with choosing a pressure washer.


In this guide we include everything from the power sources and their advantages and disadvantages, hot and cold water and their uses, terms and specifications, important things to bear in mind, safety and finally how to get started.

man rolling access ladder up to shelving

How to Choose an Access Platform Ladder

Ladders are very widely used in our everyday lives -  in the home, the yard, at your workplace, and on work sites. There is always an element of risk involved when using a ladder to perform your necessary work / jobs. Different types of ladders have different levels of functionality and also varying levels of safety - depending on their use.


In this guide, we will go over when and why to use an access platform ladder, budget considerations, differences in types, custom platforms and where you can purchase access platforms.