Baggage Trolleys

Waterproof heavy duty vinyl baggage cover connection point. Not folded up in its carrier area
Top view of the baggage trolley with vinyl rain cover folded up into its storage area.
Baggage trolley front wheel auto lock. Engaged when the handle is lifted.
Standard tow hitch of galvanised steel. Lock pin secured by chain to avoid loss and potential foreign object damage on the flightline.



Airport Baggage Trolleys are a critical part of airport function, regardless of the size, is getting passengers’ baggage safely to and from aircraft. We manufacture highly maneuverable weather resistant baggage trolleys for exactly that task.

The aluminum body construction with galvanised steel underframe makes the trolley impervious to weather, providing a long service life with minimum need for maintenance. Auto lock brakes have been fitted on the front wheels. If the hitch is on the ground or set high, the front wheels are chocked from moving. The trolley will only move when hitched to the correct height tow vehicle.


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  • 360 degrees of rotation in the front wheel pivot allowing extreme maneuverability
  • Standard tow hitch with restrained tow lock pin
  • Heavy duty vinyl baggage cover with storage area
  • Heavy duty front and rear baggage stops



Baggage Trolleys

Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to images shown. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify deisgn features and technical data without notice.

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