Pressure Cleaner Nozzles: Sizes, Sprays & Maintenance

High Pressure Cleaning Truck Rims Closeup

Where do you find the size of the nozzle on your high-pressure cleaner?

The size is usually printed on the side of the nozzle. If it becomes faded or hard to see, you can call us with your pressure washer model, or the pump specs:

Transport Industry Promotion

Steprite Safety Access Platform Being Wheeled to Truck

The OEM Group is always looking at new ways to assist our customers to become more effective and more efficient in their business operations.

We have a great range of products that can help them to achieve this outcome.


Spitwater Pressure Cleaners, Steprite Platform Ladders, Westchock Wheel Chocks – just to name a few.


Custom Maintenance Platforms for OEM's

JCB 13 Tonn Maintenance Platform Up Against Excavator

Our goal at OEM engineering and Access Solutions is to provide safe and cost-effective Steprite Access solutions for customers, to decrease maintenance costs, improve safety and on-site productivity.
As such we were recently excited to have the opportunity to assist a manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment with the innovative design of a new platform.


Undercarriage Cleaning Solutions

Undercarriage Cleaning Solutions

At the OEM Group, we distribute a large range of accessories which, coupling with Spitwater Pressure Cleaners, optimise a variety of different cleaning jobs. One of the most common areas customers come looking for accessories for is vehicle undercarriages.

Vehicle undercarriages can prove difficult to pressure clean for a variety of factors frequently relating to access difficulties.


Introducing the Hurricane Pro

Partnering with the OEM Group Hire Department

OEM Group Spitwater Pressure Cleaning Hire Trailer in Parking Area with SW15200DE

One of the many benefits of considering a collaboration with the OEM Hire Department is the flexibility it provides. Nowhere in W.A can you hire a pressure cleaner best suited to your requirements on a fully maintained basis over a long-term period.



Spitwater pressure cleaner cleaning a set of wine barrels.

One of the most common problems in pressure cleaners of every make is premature pump failure, most often caused by cavitation.


What is cavitation on a pressure washer system? Cavitation is the formation & accumulation of bubbles in the pumping chamber on your high pressure pump & when these bubbles are put under pressure they collapse or burst which can create tiny but violent implosions inside the water effecting the surrounding parts.


OEM Group opening in Karratha

OEM Group Employees shaking hands infront of sold sign.

We’re set to shake up the Pilbara.

With the land staked and pegged, the scene is now set. Very soon construction works start on OEM Group’s new showroom in Karratha.

Designed from the ground-up to provide fast service and local support, our 1500sqm Karratha facility will place OEM Group in the heart of the Pilbara action.


OEM Group's Advertising Campaign - Grant Barfield

A high-profile television campaign for OEM Group is getting plenty of notice across country WA where OEM Group’s services are in high demand. With two senior members of the OEM Group Sales and Service Team as the presenters – Ryan De Mol and Grant Barfield – the TV ads can be seen during Aussie Rules Footy games. 



Three Spitwater HP201S Pressure Cleaners on a Lifting Tray.

There’s a commercial dive operator who maintains massive water-tanks at their worksite in WA’s vast north west. At the bottom of these tanks, a large amount of dirty sediment collects and builds. The customer had installed an underwater robotic device (called Auger) to break up the troublesome sediment, however it was not shifting all the dirt. The blades of the robotic Auger couldn’t reach all the deeper sediment, so they contacted Grant Barfield at the OEM group to discuss a custom cleaning solution.



Spitwater Pressure Cleaner in Bus Workshop Bay with Pit

It stands to reason that a Bus Depot works to a very strict timetable. There are many people in the community who rely on a regular bus service, so it’s important to keep the show on the road. Every hour of downtime – when a bus is inactive in the yard – must be kept to a minimum.