man using hydrofogger to clean

Disinfect with SPITWATER's Hydro Fogger

We are proud to introduce SPITWATER's latest innovation for disinfecting and sanitisation, the Hydro Fogger.


The Hydro Fogger is a 12" high pressure hand held accessory, specifically designed to be fitted as the front lance to the spray gun of an existing hot or cold pressure washer.

Operator using a SPITWATER Pressure Cleaning Foaming a CAT Truck

Our Top 12 Pressure Cleaning Accessories

Over the last few years we have had customers use their SPITWATER pressure cleaners for a huge range of cleaning applications from fleet washing, to removing dried concrete from aluminium scaffolding. As a result, a massive range of accessories to improve the performance of your SPITWATER in every application have been developed.


Below we have picked out our favourites, both the under estimated in their impact on productivity, and the lesser heard of.

Undercarriage Cleaning Solutions

Undercarriage Cleaning Solutions

At the OEM Group, we distribute a large range of accessories which, coupling with SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners, optimise a variety of different cleaning jobs. One of the most common areas customers come looking for accessories for is vehicle undercarriages.


Vehicle undercarriages can prove difficult to pressure clean for a variety of factors frequently relating to access difficulties.


Introducing the latest undercarriage cleaning solution at OEM Group, the Mosmatic Hurricane Pro and TUW Stationary. Available for purchase now from OEM Group.