JETFIRE Industrial & Commercial Space Heaters


JETFIRE space heaters are specifically designed to provide an instant, efficient source of heating for a variety of applications in the industrial and commercial sector. Their most popular applications include heating large areas like warehouses, workshops, garages, transport terminals, sheds, greenhouses, factories, and various agricultural, and construction spaces. Drying and curing and breeding sheds are some other popular uses.   


 Fitting with the various heater applications, JETFIRE have a range of heaters to suit the various industrial and commercial applications.


 Direct fired diesel heaters are some of the most popular of JETFIRES range, featuring both radiant and fan forced heaters for commercial and industrial applications. With a low end of 16kW heaters for commercial sectors and a high range of 105kW for the industrial sectors. JETFIRE’s direct fired diesel heaters offer a simple reliable heating solution for areas with ventilation.


 Indirect fired diesel heaters in contrast are slightly more complicated and while not as popular as the larger direct fired diesel JETFIRE range, they offer a reliable clean heating solution for spaces that don’t have any ventilation and allow the exhaust to be flued.


JETFIRE also has the new LPG range, that meets and exceeds all relevant Australian standards and are perfect for areas where Diesel is not an option, the most popular example being greenhouses.


Specialised Space Heating Solutions

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Why Choose JETFIRE?

JETFIRE®’s industrial and commercial heaters are designed specifically to provide the safest and most reliable industrial and commercial heating solution on the market. 


Featuring a huge array of safety features across the range, including flame out sensors, temperature limit controls, electrical system protection, the JETFIRE® heater range offer an easy simple, low maintenance solution. 


JETFIRE® follows the SPITWATER® standard of high quality reliable design, using quality steel and heavy duty construction.


If you want a quality, low maintenance heating solution for any commercial or industrial application, JETFIRE® have your answer.