Warehouse & Workshop Heaters


Direct Fired (Open Warehouses & Workshops)

  • Minimal Setup
  • Simple & Reliable
  • Easy to Use
  • Requires Ventilation

For large well ventilated areas, like open warehouses and workshops with large doors, nothing works better than a direct fired diesel space heater. These heaters pump out heated air and run efficiently on their diesel power source, some of them even supporting kerosene. 

These heaters are perfect both for permanent use in a workshop or warehouse, or temporary use, due to their very fast setup, in small temporary work sites or areas.


JETFIRE Indirect Fired Area Heater Heating Tents in Football Stadium

For Unventilated Areas (Indirect Fired)

  • Suitable for Enclosed Spaces
  • Simple & Reliable
  • Easy to Use
  • Slightly More Setup

For your warehouses with limited ventilation or workshops with doors closed, indirect fired direct diesel space heaters are the safest option. JETFIRE's indirect fired space heaters allow the fumes to be safely vented out into the open air. The minimal additional setup on top of the direct fired models make these perfect for installation in both mid range temporary setups and long term workshops/warehouses. 

Indirect Diesel JETFIRE Space Heater heating the inside of a large room

Heating warehouses and workshops can be a challenge due to the vast amounts of space and the openings to the outside.

JETFIRE tackles this challenge with its range of powerful, reliable direct and indirect fired, diesel space heaters.


Each heater designed to be as safe and reliable as possible offering the perfect solution for a busy environment, set it going and it does the rest.

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