SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners & Washers


Cleaning can be time consuming and physically taxing – OEM Group’s range of genuine SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners optimise your productivity and reduce your downtime.


SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners and Washers (also known as High Pressure Water Cleaners) are designed for a range of industries and uses. We supply commercial and industry pressure cleaners that can be used for the earthmoving, mining, food industry, farming and agriculture, cleaning and even transport industries. From compact, domestic electric models, commercial petrol-powered models, to industrial trailer-mounted diesel-powered models, SPITWATER has a unit suitable for the job. Domestic, commercial or industrial - SPITWATER’s range of high-quality pressure cleaners are available in hot-water or cold-water. 


All SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners are built for maximum effectiveness, with genuine Interpump brass head pump, Honda or Kubota diesel and petrol motors, included accessories and a range of safety features.


The frames and bases of SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners are made from Zinc Annealed to ensure corrosion resistance and have either Powder Coated or Stainless Steel covers for greater quality and long-term performance. Then, only the highest quality pumps, engines, and other components are fitted to the machines.


OEM Group stocks a huge range of SPITWATER Pressure Cleaner parts and accessories available at any given time. From nozzles for sandblasting to cleaning chemical injectors and bottles, we will have part to suit most brands of pressure cleaners to optimise your productivity.


We understand that every job is different and not all cleaning jobs are convenient or situated close to a power supplies, sometimes jobs are remote onsite without running water. OEM Group designs and manufactures custom built pressure cleaning solutions - from trailer/truck mounted units ready for heavy duty cleaning on mine sites, to underwater cleaning jets and beyond. The only limit is your imagination.


OEM Group offers servicing, maintenance agreements and repairs on all brands of pressure cleaners, not just SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners. Our team of expert technicians can service your pressure cleaner onsite or at our showroom in Perth, Western Australia.


If you require a temporary pressure cleaner during your service, several SPITWATER Pressure Cleaners of various sizes and models are available for hire from OEM Group.


Talk to us today to order your genuine SPITWATER Pressure Cleaner.