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Diacon Australia began manufacturing its machinery guarding, work area demarcation, and fall protection products in 2010 after identifying an area of improvement in the market. All products are produced on special order basis for a complete custom safety solution. OEM Group is the exclusive Western Australian distributor of Diacon Australia.

Spillage falling on walkways is a drop hazard. The chance of slips, trips, and falls is increased as well as airborne dust. Spillage creates a continuous cost issue; misalignment causes spillage and spillage cause misalignment. Idlers can seize and belt friction increases, which can lead to costly service and repairs.

The Diacon System consists of 3 parts; the Conveyor Hungry Board, the Conveyor Guard, and the Safety Panel. These 3 parts mount using drop on 3 steps “Hook, Hand and Lock” system.


All DIACON products are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standards AS 4024.1-2014, AS NZS 4024.3610-2015 and AS NZS 4024.3611-2015.

Diacon Full System in use at Coppabella Mine

Product Benefits

kangaroo icon Meets Australian Standards

AS 4024.1-2014, AS NZS 4024.3610-2015 & AS NZS 4024.3611-2015

sun icon UV Protection

Provides long life UV protection

shield icon 100% Corrosion Free

No need to paint

feather icon Lightweight

Easy to remove


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Diacon Conveyor Hungry Board

The Diacon Hungry Board is an aluminum-reinforced plastic panel that is used on conveyor belts to contain products, reduce spillage and increase conveyor capacity by up to 30%. From greenfield sites to existing plant upgrades, Diacon is your low-cost, corrosion-free, lightweight, and easy to install alternative.


  • Certified anti-static
  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic
  • Aluminium channel support bar
  • Handles for easy removal
  • Panel sizes - up to 3000mm long
  • Lightweight

Diacon hungry board display above a picture of a diacon hungry board on a conveyor system
Diacon Conveyor Guard Product Picture in front of diacon conveyor guards on a minesite conveyor system.

Diacon Conveyor Guard

The Diacon Conveyor Guard is a plastic mesh conveyor guarding system, which improves safety in the materials handling industry. Complementing the Diacon Hungry Board, this corrosion-free and lightweight guard requires no painting, is easily installed and allows for quick guard removal during maintenance operations. This product can be configured to meet individual needs.


  • Custom high density polyethylene guard panel 
  • Holes for visibility and ventilation
  • Multiple angle options possible for improved fitment
  • Use of "Hook, Hang and Lock" protocol
  • Hooks provide strength in vertical and horizontal planes
  • Panel sizes - up to 3000mm long

Diacon Safety Panel

The Diacon Safety Panel is a plastic mesh guarding system configurable to protect operators and maintenance personnel in factories and process plants. This product can be used for the guarding of conveyor nip points, transmission elements, workshop equipment, hazard demarcation areas and can provide general risk reduction around machinery and working at heights.


  • Custom shaped high density polyethylene guard panel
  • Holes for visibility and ventilation
  • Use of "Hook, Hang and Lock" protocol
  • Hooks provide strength in vertical and horizontal planes
  • Panel sizes - up to 3000mm long

Diacon safety panel product picture above a picture of the diacon safety panels in use on a minesite.

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