Our Top 12 Pressure Cleaning Accessories

Thu, 11/28/2019 - 13:44

Over the last few years we have had customers use their Spitwater pressure cleaners for a huge range of cleaning applications from fleet washing, to removing dried concrete from aluminium scaffolding. As a result, a massive range of accessories to improve the performance of your Spitwater in every application have been developed.

Below we have picked out our favourites, both the under estimated in their impact on productivity, and the lesser heard of.

Mosmatic DGC Stainless Steel Swivel Product Shot

1) Mosmatic DGV Swivels

  • Live Rotation Under Maximum Pressure
  • Completely Stainless Steel
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reinforced Inner Shaft and Bearings

Why is such a small, relatively inexpensive item, first on our list? The nature of any high pressure hose requires it to be thick and stiff, making rotation of the gun to remove twists a frequent nuisance.

The amount of time and frustration this stainless steel swivel saves, makes it one of our favourite accessories.

Mosmatic's Stabiliser Nozzle

2) Mosmatic Stabiliser Nozzle

  • Long Distance Point Spray
  • Completely Stainless Steel
  • Maintenance Free
  • Eliminates the use of Ladders/Long Lances

Never heard of Mosmatic’s stabiliser nozzle? Traditionally cleaning with a high pressure cleaner requires you to be close to your target.
Not any more, this nozzle can be attached directly to any lance set-up and projects a straight line, point spray at a distance, allowing you to clean up the side of buildings or large machinery, without so much as a ladder.

PA Pressure Washer Turbo Head Product Shot

3) Rotating Turbo Heads

  • Simulates higher Pressure
  • Reduces Clean Time
  • Maintenance Free
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings

Turbo heads have been around for a while but are often under appreciated in the impact they have on cleaning performance.

They work by  rapidly rotating the pressure washers spray into a  cyclic, spinning motion, simulating a far greater pressure. These are a must have accessory for any tough cleaning job, as they really cut through stubborn grit.

Sludge Pump

4) Sludge Pump

  • Fast Water Transfer
  • Maintenance Free
  • Moves up to 200 Litres Per Minute

The Sludge Pump’s one of the more forgotten about pressure cleaner accessories can turn almost any pressure washer into a high flow transfer unit by simply dropping the head into the water you are trying to move & pull the trigger.

The way it works is via a venturi system which is very similar the chemical injector that comes on most Spitwater power washer.

Mosmatic Surface Cleaner

5) Mosmatic Rotary Surface Cleaner

  • Improves Cleaning Speed
  • Recovery Vacuum Port
  • Improves Safety

Mosmatic’s Rotary Surface Cleaners allow faster and safer cleaning of large areas. Containing a housed rotating rotor arm with multiple nozzle connections.  With several models also supporting a recovery vacuum hose, surface cleaners speed up the cleaning process, reduce the environmental impact with the recovery hose port, improve safety of the operator and are designed to be adjustable for various environments.

High Pressure Hose Reel for Pressure Cleaner

6) Hose Reels

  • Prevents Damage to Hose
  • Easy Hose Storage
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improves Safety

Hose Reels are another accessory that are often  under appreciated.  A decent hose reel both improves safety and reduces tangles in the hose. The also prevent costly damage to your high pressure cleaning hose.

Combined with a swivel, these make your cleaning job faster, more efficient, cheaper and remove the frustration  of coiling and uncoiling hoses. As a once off investment, they are a must.

Telescoping Lance

7)  Telescoping Lances

  • Extends up to 7 Metres
  • Includes Harness
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improve Pressure Cleaning Reach

Telescoping lances allow you to reach further  with your pressure cleaning lance, extending the reach of your lance  up to a massive 7 metres.
They  can also come with a harness to further improve the reach of your pressure washer. The reason we include these along with the Mosmatic Stabiliser nozzle, is because you can still use a fan spray with a telescopic lance. However they can be more awkward to transport and maneuver.

Pressure Washer Foaming Bottle

8) Foamers

  • Aerates your Chemical into a Foam
  • Improves Chemical Effectiveness
  • Maintenance Free
  • Allows Soaking in Chemical

Foamer’s aerate the soap / chemical and in that manner allow it to stick and soak onto your surface.

While it may not sound that exciting, the impact on your cleaning performance, will speak for itself. Of course, they work best when paired with a good chemical like Chemform.

Spitwater Pressure Washer Dual Lance

9) Dual lances

  • Interchange Nozzles Easily
  • Easy Chemical Injection
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improves Productivity

Dual lances are another staple, that are so useful, they come with a great deal of pressure washers. Designed to allow you to interchange between multiple nozzles quickly and easily, they allow you to swap from low pressure chemical to high pressure cleaning, literally with the twist of the wrist.

They are great for any cleaning where soap of chemical may be used.

Pressure Washer Multireg Attachment

10) Multi Reg's

  • Easily Adjust your Water Spray
  • Fast Adjustment of Pressure
  • Maintenance Free
  • Improves Onsite Productivity

Multi regs are a pressure cleaning head that some take for granted, while others don’t realise, they even exist. Multi regs allow you to adjust the fan and pressure of spray simply by physically rotating or pushing/pulling the nozzle.

Suffice to say this saves a great deal of time swapping between nozzles. Once you use one, you will wonder how you survived without it.

11) Sandblasting Attachment

  • Wet Sandblasting Kit
  • Fast removal of dirt/paint/rust
  • Easy to Use

Did you know you can do sandblasting with your pressure cleaner? Our sandblasting attachments allow you to wet sandblast using a Spitwater Pressure Cleaner.


One of the biggest benefits of Wet sandblasting over dry, is that it reduces the dustiness and the amount of clean-up of sand afterwards. Especially when you can change to a standard nozzle to wash away the sand.

12) Jetter Nozzles

  • Blow apart Pipe Obstructions
  • Fast, Reliable Drain Cleaning
  • Variety of Types for Particular Uses

Our plumbers favourite accessories, Jetter nozzles are designed to be connected to a Jetter hose and then pushed down a pipe, where using very high pressure, blow apart obstructions or even tree roots in the piping underground.

The number of hours of hard physical work these nozzles save our plumbing customers every day are astounding.  The only reason they don’t feature higher on the list, is the specific nature of their use.

PA Pressure Washer Turbo Lance Blasting Apart a Piece of Wood

Find Out More

While that concludes our favourite 12 accessories, given the limited nature of the list, it is far from comprehensive. If you are looking for any of the above accessories, or just after advice on how to speed up your cleaning, call us on (08) 9270 0200 or you can email us here