Partnering with the OEM Group Hire Department

The Benefits of Hire

One of the many benefits of considering a collaboration with the OEM Hire Department is the flexibility it provides. Nowhere in W.A can you hire a pressure cleaner best suited to your requirements on a fully maintained basis over a long-term period.


The OEM Group provide this and so much more. As one of our valued customers learnt recently, the flexibility of the OEM hire department was put to the test. One of OEM’S existing customers had been involved in tendering for a large commercial project. The project’s challenge was to clean an extensive area of paving for one of the local councils in a high traffic area. With years of grime, chewing gum, moss, weeds and general dirt that had accumulated over many years, this was always going to be a very time-consuming job. As the customer hadn’t been involved with projects of this size in the past he needed as much advice as possible. Although the customer had recently purchased one of our Spitwater SW15200DE 3000PSI @ 15Litres per minute, hot water diesel pressure cleaners which was mounted onto their company vehicle, they still weren’t sure how quickly the job could be completed, nor how effectively it could be done.

Enter the OEM Group Hire Department. After having discussed the project and its many complexities with the most experienced OEM staff it was decided a more hands on approach was required. The very next day one of the OEM Hire Representatives met the customer at the site of the proposed job fully armed with a variety of pressure cleaner options. To the customers delight the hire rep assisted him in testing each attachment on the paving from 22-inch surface cleaners to a variety of specialised nozzles. Each attachment working in unison with the customers previously purchased Spitwater Pressure Cleaner perfectly which was more than capable of providing the power required to carry out this huge undertaking. Additionally, the customer was able to see first-hand which attachment was going to be the most effective.

OEM Group Spitwater Pressure Cleaning Hire Trailer in Parking Area with SW15200DE

The OEM Group mantra has always been about being your “Partner in Productivity” and given the level of service provided at no cost whatsoever to the customer, they were certainly living up to the reputation. In no time at all it was established which was the best direction to take as is evident in these images. You can see quite clearly just how effective hot water and a whole lot of water pressure can be on paving.

The difference is like night and day. The OEM hire rep took the time out to see just how much ground could be covered to illustrate to the customer how best to price up the project. Of course, they were over the moon. With this advice they can confidently enter the tender process knowing exactly how effective their efforts will be as well as knowing very accurately how long the job will take.

How many of the so-called Hire Company Big Guys will do that for you? 


The OEM Group Hire Department not only hire the most reliable and effective pressure cleaners on the market, they also hire space heaters, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial scrubbers as well as a full range of safety access platforms, all at W. A’s most competitive rates. This service also extends to the Pilbara with our Karratha Branch going from strength to strength and has already seen a healthy number of Trailer Mounted Spitwater Pressure being sent to the various mining companies in the most demanding of applications.


For more information on OEM Group Hire fleet please contact us on (08) 9270 0200.