Custom Maintenance Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Custom Maintenance Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 11:10
JCB 13 Tonn Maintenance Platform Up Against Excavator Low Shot

Our goal at OEM engineering and Access Solutions is to provide safe and cost-effective Steprite Access solutions for customers, to decrease maintenance costs, improve safety and on-site productivity.
As such we were recently excited to have the opportunity to assist a manufacturer of earthmoving and construction equipment with the innovative design of a new platform.


This new platform has been designed and built to decrease the time required for maintenance of the excavator engine bay and the swing box area, while also giving workers an easier and safer method of access.


Most construction class excavators on the market today require anyone who is entering or exiting the upper structure of an excavator to climb onto the top of the track first. The problem with this being twofold.


That these tracks are normally contaminated with various things from the construction site, including mud, and oil, and that the climb onto the top of the track cannot be done while maintaining the three points of contact, drastically increasing the risk of injury.

We are proud to have designed a safe, efficient and portable solution to these problems and pleased to see the first models already active in the industry. The engineer designed solution, provided a portable Steprite access platform with lockable wheels, custom designed for the 13 ton model that required the most immediate attention.


Sitting on lockable swivel wheels, and custom designed to slot into position easily, the platform can be rolled over the excavator track, allowing technicians easy access to the required maintenance areas, with handrails and three points of contact at all points of the climb.
Constructed of lightweight aluminium, and made as compactly as possible they are designed for use in busy workshops where space comes at a premium.

Completely customisable, these platforms are designed to be easily adaptable to different models of excavators and other construction & earthmoving equipment. OEM Group’s Steprite custom designed platforms are each proudly designed and built in Western Australia, using local fabricators that live and reside in WA supporting the local economy.  


If you are looking to improve your onsite safety and productivity with a custom maintenance access solution, contact us at the OEM Group on (08) 9270 0200.