Case Study 1


This unique air-over hydraulically-driven trolley is a world first. A perfect example of our innovative thinking and fabrication expertise, it was completely designed and manufactured by the OEM GROUP. 


To carry heavy equipment inside a large gas plant, the workers needed a maintenance trolley. But not just any trolley: Gas is extremely explosive, so to reduce the potential of sparks, the trolley could not be powered by electrical or combustion drive. Even more, it needed to be versatile, strong and capable of safely moving a variety of heavy equipment around the gas plant.


We worked very closely with the client to understand exactly what they needed. The trolley not only needed to meet all gas safety requirements, it’s width and height specifications had to match the access areas in the gas plant. It was immediately clear that what our client needed was not simply available off-the shelf. Instead, we designed and engineered a bespoke solution.


The maintenance workers and operating crew can easily and safely transport large and heavy equipment within the plant. Efficiently driven by pressurised air – working off the air supply and pipes already existing inside the gas plant – the possibility of sparks is massively reduced.

In size, it’s perfectly designed to reach the places its needed to go. Manufactured to a strict deadline, our capability and capacity to deliver on time meant that the client’s operational downtime was significantly reduced. After onsite trials and testing, our handover process included operator training and easy-to-read operator manuals.

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