Custom truck access maintenance solution for WA Based Transport Distribution company

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Our client has a fleet of refrigerated trucks, servicing metropolitan and regional Western Australia. They came to OEM Group for a custom access platform to provide fall protection during routine maintenance and inspections on their refrigeration truck fleet.


OEM Group’s fabrication department worked with the client to come up with a solution, from initial enquiry to drawing approval, to delivery of finished product.



Two customised Steprite platforms were required, one for either side of the cab, to reach the refrigeration motor.


Fabricated from aluminium and featuring a large non-slip work area, anti-slip bull nosing, self-closing gates and castor wheels, the platforms were designed and built with safety at the forefront. The custom platform allows access to all areas of the fridge motor while protecting the person from falling from heights.


This mobile platform is portable and lightweight with a 250kg working weight limit.

Fridge motor access platform for refrigerated truck
two platforms pushed against refrigeration truck in workshop
platform pushed against truck in warehouse



A job that previously required ill-fitting access ladders and scaffolding, now has a custom solution for maintenance and repairs. As the access platforms were customised to fit, all that is required is to slide the ladder up to the truck and begin work.


The platform is customisable and suitable for trucks of different heights and widths. 


To order your own customised truck access platform, contact OEM Group on 1800 783 774 or email us at