OEM Custom Designed Engineering Services

Custom Engineering Services

Clients often have specific needs or a concept that will improve safety, reduce downtime or improve production. OEM assists customers with this work by developing a 3D drawing in Solidworks to visualise the concept and providing a quote to fabricate and supply the design concept. We do this by undertaking a site visit or working off a sketch or drawing. These are developed professionally, by our in house draftsman, using Solidworks.

Designs are not just about specialized platform designs, we’ve made and modified equipment no longer available in the market place , such as specialized tools or components. Often developing innovative solutions to tasks and improving the concept further if a design flaw is noted.

Once the design is complete it is reviewed by client, used for a quote or to justify the project submission. Depending on your need, drawings can be reviewed and certified by an Engineer based on your Requirements. We have designed and built a wide range of platforms and tools, across all industry sectors.

Please feel free to contact us so we can assist you.

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