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SCW70 HP110 LowRes Spitwater High Pressure Cleaner



One of the best single phase pressure cleaner currently on the market, the Australian-made SPITWATER HP110 is a reliable industrial Electric Cold Water Pressure Cleaner ideal for medium to heavy cleaning jobs. Built with high-quality parts and fully serviceable, the HP110 has a diverse range of applications including commercial cleaning in the building, transport, light and heavy manufacturing industries.


Built with a 3HP, 240V electric motor, the HP110 has a flow rate of 12 litres per minute and a operating pump pressure of 1650PSI/110BAR. Turn it on with an easy electric start button and start cleaning with ease.


The HP110’s Italian-made W140 Interpump Pump is re-rated for a longer life and has a low pump speed of 1450 RPM which reduces wear and tear. Complete with a non-corrosive brass pump head with stainless steel valves and ceramic pistons for an extended life. Additionally, it has the feature of a 100% bypass into cooling tank that reduces potential damage to the pump overheating.


Protection features include a pressure gauge which easily monitors pump performance and a thermal overload which will protect the electric motor if an electrical problem occurs. It also comes standard with an adjustable detergent dispenser with hose and washable filter and 5L chemical bottle to cut down cleaning time.


Included accessories are a 10m 3/8” dual wire braided high pressure hose rated to 400 BAR, heavy duty gun and back part lance and a front part multi reg lance featuring an adjustable fan, and low and high pressure modes.


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Hand with a spanner icon in Red
Fully Serviceable
Increased Machine Life, Higher Performance & Greater Reliability
Icon of a pump in red
Triplex Ceramic Plunger Pump
Stainless Steel Valves deliver a longer life and better Performance
Icon of 1450 RPM Low Speed Pump
Low Speed Pump
Low Speed Pump for Heavier use & a Longer Life
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Short Term Hire
This Machine is Available for Short Term Hire
Cold Water Icon in Red
Cold Water
The Cost effective, Low Maintenance Cleaning Solution
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Industrial Use
Heavy Duty Daily Use of 8+ Hours
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Adjustable Chemical
Adjustable Chemical Dispenser for Efficient Cleaning
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Australian Made
High Quality Aussie Construction from Albury, New South Wales
Pressure Gauge Symbol in Red
Pressure Gauge
To Easily Monitor Pump Performance
Filter Symbol in Red
Inlet Water Filter
Washable Filter stops Debris from Scoring Pistons and Seals
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This pressure cleaner is both available for purchase and as a long term hire. For more information on long term hire and its benefits, call us!



  • Fully Serviceable
  • Genuine Italian-made Interpump Pump
  • Non-corrosive Brass Head Pump with Stainless Steel Valves and Ceramic Pistons
  • 100% Bypass into Cooling Tank
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Direct Drive
  • Low-speed 1450RPM Pump
  • Powder Coated Zinc Annealed Chassis with Metal Cover
  • Never-flat Solid Wheels
  • Electric Start
  • Washable Inset Water Filter
  • Adjustable Chemical Dispenser with 5L Bottle
  • Australian Made



HP110 - Hire

Item Code:

SCW70 copied

Power Type:

15 AMP (Single Phase)


Cold Water

Pump Pressure:

1650 PSI

110 BAR

Interpump Pump:


Pump Speed:


Flow Rate:

12 L/Min


Electric Motor

3.00 HP

240 V


790x500x785 mm


47.90 KG

Actual products may differ slightly in appearance to images shown. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify design features and technical data without notice.

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