Fixed Chemical Injector 3/8" BSP M x M22 M (2.3mm Nozzle)

Chemical Injector 3/8" BSP M/F Fixed



OEM Group has a range of pressure cleaner chemical injectors to add extra cleaning power and remove stubborn stains or embedded dirt and grime.


These high quality chemical injectors are available as two types, adjustable or fixed. Adjustable chemical injectors are able to control the amount of chemical being injected into the water stream, while fixed allows a static amount of chemical during flow.


These downstream (aka outlet) injectors introduce the cleaning chemical into the water stream, after or downstream of the pump. Some of the advantages of outlet injectors are, less chemical is used, the operator is able to turn the chemical draw on or off from the gun, and the pump, unloader valves and heater coils are protected from corrosive chemicals like acids.


They require a low pressure (generally about 200PSI) to activate the chemical flow. Low pressure chemical injectors work best with a double lance. These allow mounting of a low-pressure spray nozzle, as well as the standard high pressure spray nozzle, so that you can quickly change between chemical and high pressure.

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  • Fixed Chemical Injector
  • Inlet: 3/8 Bsp M
  • Outlet: AR1 A M22
  • Nozzle: 2.3mm
  • Hose Barb: 7mm
  • Rated to 4050PSI



Fixed Chemical Injector 3/8" BSP M x M22 M (2.3mm Nozzle)

Item Code:

PA21003023 copied

Rated Pressure:

4050 PSI

280 BAR

Maximum L/Min:


Maximum Temperature:

90 °C

Hose Barb:



3/8 Bsp M


AR1 A M22

Weight (KG):


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