Disinfect with Spitwater's Hydro Fogger

Mon, 04/20/2020 - 11:25

We are proud to introduce Spitwater's latest innovation for disinfecting and sanitisation, the Hydro Fogger. 

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The Hydro Fogger

  • Fast Effective Disinfecting
  • Addition to Existing Pressure Washers
  • Disinfects up to 10 Metres Away


The Hydro Fogger is a 12" high pressure hand held accessory, specifically designed to be fitted as the front lance to the spray gun of an existing hot or cold pressure washer. View the Kit page here.

Designed to deliver sanitiser or disinfectant, the Hydro Fogger requires the addition of the suitable high pressure injector to the pressure washer.


Using the water volume of the pressure washer the Hydro Fogger will deliver sanitiser and disinfectant to distances of up to 10 metres and cover the area of up to 400m² with the water volume of as a little as 10 litres per minute. 


It should be noted that the unit will require rinsing with fresh water after use. 


The Hydro Fogger is the perfect disinfectant applicator, for disinfecting in commercial and industrial applications. 


It makes disinfecting and sanitising everything from crates and pallets, to shopping trolleys and bins, an easy and simple operation. Lightweight and easy to fit, it doesn't only work with Spitwater machines either. It can be fitted to any pressure washer, for more information on how to fit it or what requirements your pressure washer may need to meet you can call or email us. 


Of course disinfecting is only as good as the chemical that you spray.

Using a Spitwater to Disinfect Shopping Trolley's
Virogard Sanitiser Bottle on White Background

Virogard - Sanitiser

  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Fuming in Correct Dilution
  • Rapidly Kills, Broad Spectrum of Micro Organisms
  • Heat Stable

For use in disinfecting animal housing including housing equipment, footbaths, general equipment and surfaces, vehicles & machinery, cool pad systems, and egg sanitation.

Virogard is suitable for use as a no rinse sanitiser on all processing equipment and surfaces including walls, floors and ceilings.

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