Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is improved all the time with your feedback and suggestions, if we do not have what you are looking for below please contact our team. The OEM group constantly strive to make this section easy to read and relevant. We have populated the data below with tips and tricks as well as links to products that may simplify the task of selecting the right pressure cleaner. If the question you have is not available below please contact our company , our experienced staff can assist you directly.

Which unit is best for my type of application?

Application Electric Petrol Diesel
Small Vehicles Car Detailing BoxJet, Cleanmatic, G120+, 10-120C, HP110, SW110 11-140P, HP152/A
Plant Machinery e.g. Trucks earth moving equip. HP201, HP201S, SW201, SW2021 HE15250P, HP251/A, HP201SAE, SW15200PE, SW21200PE HP15210DE, SW15200DE, SW21200DE, Hottie II, Mine Mate
Houses & Roofing HP201S, HP2030 HP201SAE, HP251SAE
Walkways courtyards driveways etc. HP201, HP201S, HP2030, SW2030 HE15250P, HP251/A, HP201SAE, HP251SAE
DE fouling stripping paint HP201S, HP3523 HC15275P, HP201SAE, HP251SAE, HP3523AE HP23350DE, for more options please contact 0892777998
Concrete oil stains SW201, SW2021, SW2030 SW15200PE, SW21200PE SW15200DE, SW21200DE
Large Buildings HP201, HP201S, HP2030, SW2030 HE15250P, HP251/A, HP201SAE, HP251SAE
Food Industries HT1111, HT1618, HT1623 SW15200PE, SW21200PE

If you can not locate the application you are looking for please contact our sales team on: 08 9270 0200

How often should I get my high pressure cleaner serviced?

It is recommended that a Spitwater service agent service your unit every 500 working hours

Can I adjust the pressure on my high pressure cleaner?

Yes you can, there is many different ways to do this. The most common way is toadjust the bypass valve (pressure regulator) but you need to careful not to over adjust. For more information on the bypass valve please contact us on (08) 9270 0200.

What sort of optional accessories can I get?

Spitwater offer lots of different accessories to make the end user’s life easier, this includes hose reels, turbo lances, foaming lances, rotowashers, extra hose lengths and much more, please contact us on (08) 9270 0200 for more information.

Can I mount a high pressure cleaner on the back of a truck?

Yes, there are many different ways of mounting a high pressure cleaner,whether on the back of your truck or mounted in a trailer. At OEM Group we have the capabilities to fabricate almost anything to your specific requirements.

What uses are there around the home for a high pressure cleaner?

Boats, roofs, veranda, brick paving, cars, cleaning brake dust of mag wheels, off road vehicles & motorbikes.

Is PSI the only consideration when buying a high pressure cleaner?

No,there are lots of different things to askwhen buying a pressure cleaners i.e. pump speed, water volume, hose length and many more depending on the application required. Contact OEM Group on (08) 9270 0200 or email them with your enquiry.

How long have Spitwater been making pressure cleaners in Australia?

Spitwater have been making high pressure cleaners in Australia since 1983 and now make over 40 different high pressure cleaning models.

Does water volume matter?

Yes, more volume means less working time

What benefits do I get when using hot water?

Hot water makes it easier to remove tough stains, oil & grease without the use of chemicals

What is the difference between a domestic, commercial and industrial high pressure cleaner?

Domestic & commercial units have a higher RPM than industrial units, which means they should not be used continuously for long periodsi.e. more than 4 hours at a time.

Can a high pressure cleaner draw water from a water tank or other water?

Yes it can, for further details please contact OEM Group on (08) 9270 0200

Are your pressure cleaners powder coated?

All machines are powder coated with the exception of hot and cold units with heating units, these have stainless steel covers.

What do I need to know to select the correct pressure cleaner?

  1. Ascertain the application i.e. Farm, Mining, Workshop, home or wast bay etc.?
  2. What is the desired pressure (PSI)?
  3. How many litres per min (LPM) are required? (more water = less cleaning time)
  4. Do you want an electric, petrol or diesel system?
  • If powered do you require single phase (10 Amp/home use) or 3 Phase (15AMP commercial workshop)?
  • Diesel is standard for the mining industry

How do I know what Nozzle Size I need for my Pressure Cleaner?